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Dear Leslie:

I am writing to thank you for your help in alleviating the pain I was feeling due to my chronic illness, and for helping my body get back on track toward a more healthy state.

I also firmly believe that without you, we would not have been able to conceive and bring into the world our second child, a healthy baby boy. You were a gentle, thoughtful, diligent caregiver and I know our entire family benefited from your expertise.

I have recommended you to many friends and trust that their experiences with you will be as valuable as my own. I believe that seeing you for my sessions did more for my physical and mental health than any other treatment I pursued over the past six years since my diagnosis.

Thank you for everything,


To Leslie,

I'm pleased to announce the birth of a healthy baby boy -- Alexander Thomas -- on August 28th (2008). Thank you so much for helping my body do its job! I always looked forward to my appointments with you and felt like you cared so much more than any other practitioners whose help I had sought for fertility or other medical issues.

With best wishes, Helen

Dear Leslie,

On November 9, 2005, I was experiencing pain from a condition called heel spurs. I contacted my physician who told me that he could perform surgery, but could not guarantee that I would be healed. He suggested that I seek other methods---like acupuncture.

Not having a clue who to contact, I surfed the Net and found you. I had called many other acupuncturists before reaching you and I was not interested in going to any of them. Some did not treat my condition and others didn't seem interested.

I sent you an e-mail which you returned the same day and invited me to call you. I was impressed! First, you treated heel spurs and secondly, you took time to talk to me to assess my need. When we met, you were even more caring and compassionate in person than on the phone---and your phone presence was pretty great!

We started treatment in December 2005. You prescribed some herbs before my first acupuncture treatment. Your relaxing atmosphere coupled with your warmth, compassion and knowledge made the next eight months of treatment more like a health spa than a healing procedure. I looked so forward to coming that I actually became sad when I started healing!

You explained that the heel spur (and accompanying condition of knee and lower back pain) was the result of a weak kidney. You then talked to me about taking care of my emotional well-being. I recently became the caregiver of my elderly father. It was sudden and my life changed drastically. I love having him with me, but taking care of him is a mammoth task! You told me to be sure to take care of myself.

Getting treatment from you was one way that I took care of myself. Other ways include going to the movies, reading, hanging out with friends and sleeping late when I can.

I had my last treatment with you in August 2006. I am happy to report that I have been pain-free since then. I have been able to exercise more and my overall health has improved. I had not been able to wear high heels (1-2 inches) in years. Lately, I have sported some stylish shoes and friends have told me that I am looking sexier these days! I don't wear heels often because I walk a lot on my job---but it is nice to wear them when I dress-up!

Continued success with your practice! You make people well and teach them how to stay that way! You are a joy to know and a gifted healer!

Much love and peace! ~ Diane Harvey